Series 1 -Minting now!

Series 1 Policy ID: 2ea5a96b15445d670f17a72e4567fc492611ec91e5398e3fcf22db37

Series 1 is the first series looking at graphs of data collected from some of my favourite CNFTs projects. While we will keep adding to this series for a while, it started at 100 NFTs, and is currently around 130. Each NFT is unique 1/1 and there is a style for Series 1 which we will maintain.

Send 20 ADA to randomly get 1 of Series 1 (each is 1/1 unique): addr1v8cxuj6fqvavwujw9uzmed5vwepns56kcpjqscfycv9at7gff8wr9

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